Space and other requirements

Prerequisites & Requirements

Prerequisites before the event

A Site visit at the discretion of Fun PhotoBooth team can be organised upon notification by client 1 month before the event. Whether the Fun PhotoBooth team can or cannot perform a site visit, the client should be aware of the terms & conditions and take required steps before the event date. In no circumstances should Fun PhotoBooth be liable of any issues directly or indirectly related to not complying to the prerequisites specified here.

Common Requirements for the proper operation of the PhotoBooth

  • AC Socket (French or UK) at a maximum distance of 15m from the location of the PhotoBooth
  • In case client would like his own backdrop to be used, its proper installation is under his responsibility.
  • For a better user experience, the sun should not be directly facing the user while he is posing
  • Additional light source (like sun light during the day) on backdrop or Green Screen may result in bad photo results

Requirements for the proper operation of the PhotoBooth with the Green Screen

  • No light source behind Green screen
  • The green screen requires 3m height
  • People should avoid wearing green
  • Customers should take note of the space required in order to setup the PhotoBooth correctly. An area of 4 x 4m should be allocated for optimal operation. Please refer to the illustration below.

Photo Booth Green Screen Schema top view
Green Screen Schema
Photo Booth Green screen setup with LED light to replace background at Yemen Mauritius
Green Screen Setup
Dimensions of PhotoBooth lenght and width
Dimensions of PhotoBooth

Terms & Conditions

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