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The Photo Booth Mosaic Wall


The Mosaic Wall with Fun PhotoBooth Mauritius will impress your guests. The mosaic is made up of hundreds of photos of your guests to reveal a final picture of your choice to take your event's photography experience to a new level. Each time your guests pose for a photo, a second printer will make a print-out of the photo on a sticker with a code. Using the corresponding code on the provided plexi panel, he then sticks his picture which with the ones of the other guests which will create the mosaic wall. The software can also fill up empty space in the case you don’t have enough photos. You can optionally keep the mosaic but in any case, you will receive a digital copy.


Mosaic Wall Photo Stickers
Mosaic Wall Board
Mosaic Wall nearly completed
Mosaic printing
Mosaic Wall final
Mosaic Wall Animation