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What is included ?


People including their email addresses will receive their pictures instantly though available Wi-Fi or via optional 4G routers. The photos can then be downloaded or upload on Social Media.

Social Network

Sharing photos have never been so easy. With the email received, share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter among others instantly with company’s logo, messages, hashtags etc.… Thus, providing a viral marketing campaign for better exposure of your brand when users post their photo on Social Media.


What will be photos without fun? With our photobooths a box of funny accessories including hats, wigs, glasses and boas is provided.

DLSR Camera

One of the outstanding features of Fun Photobooths is that they are equipped with DSLR cameras making the quality of the photos much better than typical USB cameras found on other PhotoBooths. Our cameras are set in manual (Shutter speed, ISO & Aperture) providing high resolution pictures.

The Print-outs

The printing is in high quality 15 x 10cm photo paper. This standard size allow you easily keep it with you after the photo is printed. These are of the sizes and quality when years ago photos were developed in photo studios. Optionally the photobooth can print up to a size of 20 x 15cms. Whatever format you choose the print-outs are unlimited. This way, you can use our photobooth without limit, and make the most of its use with peace of mind.

Photo design

All packages include free photo design and customisation. Information such as company’s logo, theme, messages etc… are overlaid and added on the taken photo. This service is free and included in our rental packages. Simply send us all information and we shall do the rest. This is a great way to brand your company.


Beside the fact that our Photobooths are completely autonomous, we provide an operator during all the rental period. Our operators will surprise you by the way they can guide your guests so the experience is even better. The operator is also present to cater for any unusual technical issues that may occur.

Quizz & Surveys

We can easily integrate of quiz for game contests and surveys using multiple choice questions. User will find it more interesting to participate in an easy, interactive and quick way. Organizers can then access these data though the cloud or download data in Excel.

Data capture

Complying de GDPR, users are asked whether organizers can make use of their data (email and photos). If validated, this information can be easily and securely accessed on the cloud for marketing purpose or for feeding company’s Facebook page.

Animated photos

GIFs and boomerangs will seduce and delight your guests. Simply pose and move to add even more fun to the experience. These animated pictures are also printed in polaroid format but you will be amazed by the results when received digitally.


The PhotoBooth can be easily branded based on the event theme using a magnet printed cover which transforms the photo booth’s look to draw attention of your guests. Even the software can be customised to provide a better tailor-made solution.

Cloud Access

One your event is finished, you will receive a login to our secured cloud platform on which you can access all pictures, email addresses, results for multiple choice questions etc… From there you can download the photos or extract the reports in Excel.

Touch Screen

The Fun Photo Booth is completely autonomous and user friendly with it’s 15 inches touch screen. The instructions on the screen will guide you through the whole process. However, with our enhanced touch screen the experience will be just get better as compared to common tablet screen found in other photo booths i.e. faster response and better responsive.

LED Lights

Light is an important factor in photography. Our setup includes the camera built-in flash, LED color changing lights integrated in the tripod, white LED light in the photobooth above the screen and 1-3 studio LED lights of 100w each for optimum photo quality.

Green Screen

Bring more effects to your photo with our green screen setup. With our green screen, no more expenses for back-drop printing which are generally used only once. The background is digitally added on the photos using an image file of your choice and the users will “see” in real time the results on the touch screen when they stand in front.

Optional Features

Large Display Screen

With our connected 65 inches screen, display in real-time the photos which are taken during the event. The screen is connected via Wi-Fi to the PhotoBooth and synchronize the pictures to an internal storage. The pictures are then show case as a slide show and new pictures are added in the list automatically.

Multiple Print-Outs

Now you can choose to print 2 or 5 of the same pictures for each photo taken with its high-speed printer. This ensure that each one receives a print-out when taking groups photos. Duplicates are sometimes used to create a souvenir board for employees in the same company or create an album photo. The PhotoBooth is multitasking, this means that people can continue taking pictures during the printing process.

Features Gallery

Photo Booth Unlimited pictures Print-Outs no limit
Unlimited Print-Outs
Photo Booth Green screen setup to replace background or gold glowing backdrop Mauritius
Gold & Green Screen
Box of Photo Booth props with hats, boas, wigs and glasses
Box of Photo Booth props
Access photos online after event through cloud access
Cloud Access
Duplicate printing option on foto booth
Dual or 5x Print-Outs
Email your photos instantly using Wi-fi or 4G for sharing
Email your photos
GIFs animated photo printing
Print GIFs easily
Large screen to display photobooth photos in real-time
Large Screen
Operator operating Photo booth during event
Operator Included